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The Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Organizer, Trek Information, hiking, climbing and guiding service with mountaineering experienced of local guide - porters. Base camp located in Senaru village – Bayan, North of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia. We welcome you to join us on any of the many Rinjani Trekking Tour package we offers.

What Is Sharing Group Trekking Package

sharing group trekking package is very popular for backpackers, solo traveler and one who has a little budget. because the price of group sharing package is a bit cheaper, the price for sharing group sharing packages ranges from $ 185 to $ 200 depending on the place pick up and the number of days climbing. sharing group trekking package mean you will join to climb with other people from other countries and from other agents for do climbing together in rinjani mountain, the number of participants is usually minimum 6 people and maximum 12 people. NOTE: sharing group trekking package is special and recommended for experienced climbers only and must have a healthy level of fitness, because in a group you have to be together every day like walking, eating and sleeping. If walking too slowly then you will be left by your friends, while the guide will always is ahead to guide the others. For those of you beginners, you will be free to walk without being waited on by your friends for being slow or waiting for your other friends because you are walking too fast.



    Trekking Rinjani Via Sembalun village in east Lombok is ascent route to explore Mount Rinjani, start from Sembalun village 1.150 m. asl (above sea level) to crater Rim Sembalun 2.639 m. asl, summit 3.726 m. asl, down to the lake and hot spring 2.000 m. asl, up to crater rim Senaru 2.641 m. asl then last day down to Senaru village 601 m. asl.

3D-2N Rinjai Trek Sharing Package

Trekking Rinjani Summit and lake 3 days 2 nights program start on 1.156 m at Sembalun village to crater rim, summit, lake, hot spring, crater rim...

2D-1N Rinjani Trek Sharing Package

Trekking Summit Mount Rinjani via Sembalun village 2 days 1 night start on 1.156 m above sea level to crater rim Sembalun on 2.639m and camp...


  • Hiking Rinjani Via Senaru village, North of Lombok ascent route to explore Mount Rinjani, starting from Senaru village 601 m. asl (above sea level) to crater Rim Senaru 2.641 m., down to the lake and hot spring 2.000 m, up to crater rim Sembalun 2.639 m, climb up to summit 3.726 m, and last day down to Sembalun village 1.150 m.

Lake – Summit Rinjani 4 Days Private Trekking

Climbing Rinjani to Lake and summit 4 days 3 nights via Senaru village on 601m, to crater rim Senaru, lake, hot spring, crater rim Sembalun,...

Lake – Summit Rinjani 3 Days Private Hiking

Hiking mount Rinjani to crater rim, lake and summit 3 days 2 nights start via Senaru village to crater rim Senaru, lake, hot spring, crater rim...

2D-1N Senaru Crater Rim Private Hiking

Hiking Rinjani to Crater rim Senaru 2 days 1 night program start on 601m above sea level at Senaru village to crater rim Senaru 601m camp the...

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Camping Hiking Pergasigan Hill Sembalun 2D-1N

Two days one night hiking to Pergasingan Hill near Sembalun Village and end in the waterfall Sajang village east Lombok. Itinerary 2D-1N Camping...

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Gili Kondo Trip is a small island located in the Sambelia District, 50 km north of Selong. It can be reached from the Sambelia Transat coast by...

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